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Im like your ordinary girl,who hates to be in akward positions,&&fantastic at embarrasing them selfs. Im pretty much in love with cheerleading, and super friendly.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


No, not the ones on soupcans...I mean the labels we put on eachother, like "sluts" "preps" "jocks" "goth's"....ect.
It makes me sick! And yes people, this does go along with Judging. And ordinary people like me and you do it almost every day! The other day, a girl from my school sent me a chat message on Facebook:
"hey, sorry i never talk to you, i just dont get along with preps."
What does that say to you, well really, what would you call a prep? People label by clothes,family,money,your friends,popularity. Anything they can get their hands on just to put some label on you.
by her saying that made me think.
a lot.
Wait so what, am i judged by my friends?
Am i a "prep" because i like cheerleading?
Am i a prep because i like dressing up nice?
Do they classify a prep as a snob?
What do i do that makes people judge me and label me as a "Prep"
I guess my point is, dont label. Because that also leads to Judging.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Let me introduce myself.

hey, I'm Emily
So the whole reason i'm here is because my friend Joanna McCormick has a blog, and the message she gives, is amazing. Jo and I go to the same church&& same school district, and in fact we got baptized together. They way i see her, is as Christ living in her. I don't know alot about Jo but when I met her she got my complete trust in a blink of an eye. Jo is somebody I want to be like, she is somebody I look up too, and I love her. Check out her blog @ http://storiesofakidlikeme.blogspot.com
Now, Let me introduce myself
A couple of years ago, i moved from a town know as a huge-partying-crazy-super expensive town too a small-religious-gossipy-anything-can-happen town. and totally two different states. My first day of school was awesome, but of course it didn't last forever. unlike other kids, everybody thought i was like a shiny new toy, and of course i liked it, but then a couple of days later, i was a "threat" to other girls and, judged. Thats when I had met my real friends and then the "new kid" wore off and they got too know me.
But That was then and this is now, My life has been completely taken over by Christ, I was saved almost a year now and I was baptized in January. I have filled my life with Christ.I have Christian friends,That doesn't mean I don't hang out or talk to non-Christians at all! But i spread the word while doing it,All my usual week activity's are filled with Youth group,K-life,Church, and just different things.I still go to slumber party's,birthday party's....etc and live my life, but I live my life for Christ.I love cheerleading, and history:)