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Im like your ordinary girl,who hates to be in akward positions,&&fantastic at embarrasing them selfs. Im pretty much in love with cheerleading, and super friendly.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

what is love.

when I like a boy,thats the only person I like. and I don't give up on.
i've waited for boys for months, maybe even a year or so. That feeling never goes away,ever.
it kinda sucks actually, maybe its even love. but if someone asks you "You still like him?!!!"
well i'm not just going to say i'm in love with the kid and break out in a huge lecture.
I don't have a new crush every week or month like some girls in my school nor do i flirt with every boy. My boyfriend and me have been talking for two years, ,which half of it was us talking as friends, and flirting. not bad flirting, just little flirting. like smiley faces at the end of each sentence kinda flirting.
If i was to say i was in love,people would laugh in my face, thinking "shes does'nt even know what love is."
which makes me mad because they have no idea how i feel. but honestly i don't even know what love feels like. nobody knows the exact feeling of love...because there is so many kinds of love.
actually, i'm afraid to call it love,because if we ever split and i feel more for someone, or a new kind of love, i had fooled my self.
Sometimes the things he says like:
"you look really pretty today" and I didnt even see him so I say
"when did you see me?" and he goes
"i didnt, i just know you" or randomly saying, "i miss you" makes me want to scream i love you at the top of my lungs,that makes me feel like im in love.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The New Kid.

Hey Guys! I know it's been awhile since my last post but I have ALOT of things to say, trust meeee!!

Okay, So ever been a new kid? Did you fit right in? Did everybody treat you like the shiny new toy? or Were you like a ghost? Did you feel like a complete loser?
Well I, have been to about 5 different schools. Not talking about Middle-Jr-High-Schools, im talking about 5 COMPLETELY different schools. So I know how it feels.

My worst was in North Carolina, Nobody talked to me, They were all so mean to me, My teacher hated me, (because i wrote my problems in the math book instead of a piece of paper) But i didnt know? It didnt come with an Instruction Manuel! I had come from a School in Connecticut were we all had Fill-in-the-blank workbooks! Not 945 pg. math books that weigh about 20 pounds.
This school wasnt a normal-avg. school. It was a school filled with Grilled Chicken Salad w/ a Mango Peach Snapple, and Chocolate Mousse Pudding For Dessert for lunch and rich kids. When I came from nasty pizza/with milk cartons -dump-it-yourself-kinda place. I absolutely did not fit in!
Who likes being treated like crap? No One. It was so bad I moved about two months later.
We Moved back to Connecticut and I went to Hawley.
Which all the boys were perverted, and followed me around like they were all vampires,and I
was the bella. Of course the weren't wanting to kill me.... anyways, It got so bad I developed Separation Anxiety with my mom. Maybe if i had a real friend to help me through it instead of all the boys likeing me and the girls hateing me, it would be diffrent,but i didnt.I Would scream,Kick,Cry, EVERY time she tried dropping me off at the school, In the schools lobby. They put me in counselling.

Anyways, what im trying to say is; if you see someone sitting alone, New Kid OR Not, Go talk to them, go say a simple hi! Because theres always that one person thats screaming for a new friend on the inside.
The other day, I was at lunch and this boy in my grade was sitting in the corner from everybody else and i went and sat by him,and talked to him. after a couple min. i got up and went back over to my friends some were saying
"Emily Your So Mean" and would laugh as if i went over there as a prank? i was confused?
and others would say
"You probebly made there day!" the would say sarcasticly. and it hit me hard.
What if i did? when theres hundreds of other people that could of, and i was the one who did.

God is telling you to spread the word...maybe trying doing it sometime?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


No, not the ones on soupcans...I mean the labels we put on eachother, like "sluts" "preps" "jocks" "goth's"....ect.
It makes me sick! And yes people, this does go along with Judging. And ordinary people like me and you do it almost every day! The other day, a girl from my school sent me a chat message on Facebook:
"hey, sorry i never talk to you, i just dont get along with preps."
What does that say to you, well really, what would you call a prep? People label by clothes,family,money,your friends,popularity. Anything they can get their hands on just to put some label on you.
by her saying that made me think.
a lot.
Wait so what, am i judged by my friends?
Am i a "prep" because i like cheerleading?
Am i a prep because i like dressing up nice?
Do they classify a prep as a snob?
What do i do that makes people judge me and label me as a "Prep"
I guess my point is, dont label. Because that also leads to Judging.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Let me introduce myself.

hey, I'm Emily
So the whole reason i'm here is because my friend Joanna McCormick has a blog, and the message she gives, is amazing. Jo and I go to the same church&& same school district, and in fact we got baptized together. They way i see her, is as Christ living in her. I don't know alot about Jo but when I met her she got my complete trust in a blink of an eye. Jo is somebody I want to be like, she is somebody I look up too, and I love her. Check out her blog @ http://storiesofakidlikeme.blogspot.com
Now, Let me introduce myself
A couple of years ago, i moved from a town know as a huge-partying-crazy-super expensive town too a small-religious-gossipy-anything-can-happen town. and totally two different states. My first day of school was awesome, but of course it didn't last forever. unlike other kids, everybody thought i was like a shiny new toy, and of course i liked it, but then a couple of days later, i was a "threat" to other girls and, judged. Thats when I had met my real friends and then the "new kid" wore off and they got too know me.
But That was then and this is now, My life has been completely taken over by Christ, I was saved almost a year now and I was baptized in January. I have filled my life with Christ.I have Christian friends,That doesn't mean I don't hang out or talk to non-Christians at all! But i spread the word while doing it,All my usual week activity's are filled with Youth group,K-life,Church, and just different things.I still go to slumber party's,birthday party's....etc and live my life, but I live my life for Christ.I love cheerleading, and history:)