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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The New Kid.

Hey Guys! I know it's been awhile since my last post but I have ALOT of things to say, trust meeee!!

Okay, So ever been a new kid? Did you fit right in? Did everybody treat you like the shiny new toy? or Were you like a ghost? Did you feel like a complete loser?
Well I, have been to about 5 different schools. Not talking about Middle-Jr-High-Schools, im talking about 5 COMPLETELY different schools. So I know how it feels.

My worst was in North Carolina, Nobody talked to me, They were all so mean to me, My teacher hated me, (because i wrote my problems in the math book instead of a piece of paper) But i didnt know? It didnt come with an Instruction Manuel! I had come from a School in Connecticut were we all had Fill-in-the-blank workbooks! Not 945 pg. math books that weigh about 20 pounds.
This school wasnt a normal-avg. school. It was a school filled with Grilled Chicken Salad w/ a Mango Peach Snapple, and Chocolate Mousse Pudding For Dessert for lunch and rich kids. When I came from nasty pizza/with milk cartons -dump-it-yourself-kinda place. I absolutely did not fit in!
Who likes being treated like crap? No One. It was so bad I moved about two months later.
We Moved back to Connecticut and I went to Hawley.
Which all the boys were perverted, and followed me around like they were all vampires,and I
was the bella. Of course the weren't wanting to kill me.... anyways, It got so bad I developed Separation Anxiety with my mom. Maybe if i had a real friend to help me through it instead of all the boys likeing me and the girls hateing me, it would be diffrent,but i didnt.I Would scream,Kick,Cry, EVERY time she tried dropping me off at the school, In the schools lobby. They put me in counselling.

Anyways, what im trying to say is; if you see someone sitting alone, New Kid OR Not, Go talk to them, go say a simple hi! Because theres always that one person thats screaming for a new friend on the inside.
The other day, I was at lunch and this boy in my grade was sitting in the corner from everybody else and i went and sat by him,and talked to him. after a couple min. i got up and went back over to my friends some were saying
"Emily Your So Mean" and would laugh as if i went over there as a prank? i was confused?
and others would say
"You probebly made there day!" the would say sarcasticly. and it hit me hard.
What if i did? when theres hundreds of other people that could of, and i was the one who did.

God is telling you to spread the word...maybe trying doing it sometime?

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