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Sunday, October 17, 2010

what is love.

when I like a boy,thats the only person I like. and I don't give up on.
i've waited for boys for months, maybe even a year or so. That feeling never goes away,ever.
it kinda sucks actually, maybe its even love. but if someone asks you "You still like him?!!!"
well i'm not just going to say i'm in love with the kid and break out in a huge lecture.
I don't have a new crush every week or month like some girls in my school nor do i flirt with every boy. My boyfriend and me have been talking for two years, ,which half of it was us talking as friends, and flirting. not bad flirting, just little flirting. like smiley faces at the end of each sentence kinda flirting.
If i was to say i was in love,people would laugh in my face, thinking "shes does'nt even know what love is."
which makes me mad because they have no idea how i feel. but honestly i don't even know what love feels like. nobody knows the exact feeling of love...because there is so many kinds of love.
actually, i'm afraid to call it love,because if we ever split and i feel more for someone, or a new kind of love, i had fooled my self.
Sometimes the things he says like:
"you look really pretty today" and I didnt even see him so I say
"when did you see me?" and he goes
"i didnt, i just know you" or randomly saying, "i miss you" makes me want to scream i love you at the top of my lungs,that makes me feel like im in love.

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