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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


No, not the ones on soupcans...I mean the labels we put on eachother, like "sluts" "preps" "jocks" "goth's"....ect.
It makes me sick! And yes people, this does go along with Judging. And ordinary people like me and you do it almost every day! The other day, a girl from my school sent me a chat message on Facebook:
"hey, sorry i never talk to you, i just dont get along with preps."
What does that say to you, well really, what would you call a prep? People label by clothes,family,money,your friends,popularity. Anything they can get their hands on just to put some label on you.
by her saying that made me think.
a lot.
Wait so what, am i judged by my friends?
Am i a "prep" because i like cheerleading?
Am i a prep because i like dressing up nice?
Do they classify a prep as a snob?
What do i do that makes people judge me and label me as a "Prep"
I guess my point is, dont label. Because that also leads to Judging.

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